Department of Oncology translates many lab discoveries and clinical research into effective new treatments. Latest developments in the feild are adopted and suitably applied on needy patients. The department takes into account cost of cancer care delivery. The team is always ready to obey the rules of ?what to do?, ?how to do? and ?when to do? in treatment scenarios. The oncology department provides comprehensive oncology diagnostics and treatment facilities. This includes cancer surgery and chemotherapy and hormone therapy.
Dr. K. K. Pandey is a renowned name in the field of Oncology and has been one of the founders of surgical oncology in India. He is the Chairman of Oncology Services at the Rockland Hospital. He is the former President of Indian Association of Surgical Oncology. He received the Distinguished Service Award from Delhi Medical Association in recognition for his services. His expertise in Abdominal, Head & Neck Surgery and others, is legendary. His department offers Conservative, Psychological and Cosmetic support to patients. Dr. Rajeev Kumar has years of Surgical Oncology experience behind him. He is a Senior Consultant in the center and is associated with majority of lectures, seminars and teaching programmes. He is also responsible for public awareness programmes in the form of lectures and response to various queries of patients admitted or attending the hospital. Relatives and friends can also participate in such talks.
Team StrengthsProcedures Available
Dr. K. K. Pandey
M.S.(Surgery)                                                               HOD & Chairman of Oncology Services
Dr. Arun Giri
M.S. M.Ch.(Surgical Oncology), Senior Consultant
Head and Neck Cancer
Lung Cancer
Gastrointestinal Cancer
Breast and Gynae Cancer
Pediatric Cancer
Bone Cancer
Lymph vascular Malignances etc.
Urological cancers
Gynecological cancers