Emergency & Trauma Care

Rockland Hospital?s 24-hour Emergency And Trauma Care unit is geared for immediate response to medical & surgical emergencies at all times. Emergency treatment provided under this unit includes all kinds of medical and surgical emergencies including poly trauma conditions. This is achieved with the application of some of the most advanced Emergency Care equipment and dedicated professionals.
The Emergency Care is backed by consultants from all specialties and super-specialties in the Hospital, round the-clock supported by skilled paramedics. All Doctors at Rockland Hospital remain on-call while in town for any Emergency Care Situation.
The pre-hospital care is assisted by and carried out in a fleet of fully equipped ambulances manned by paramedical personnel intensely trained in basic life support and trauma care. In highly critical cases a physician accompanies the paramedical team to avoid any delay in reaching life-saving medical care to the patient enroute to the hospital. All the ambulances are also connected by wireless communication system with the Hospital to ensure the team at the hospital remains updated on the status of the patient prior to arrival.
Emergency treatment is started while transporting the patient to the Hospital and these precious initial minutes of resuscitation save many lives. Facility for ventilatory support is available during transport of the patients.
On arrival at the Hospital, the patients are rushed to the Casualty/ ICU that are equipped with the latest Medical technology backup. Acute Coronary events, Strokes, shock, and severe infections are headed with efficiency & professional competence. Trauma cases are handled professionally by a multi disciplinary team of general surgery, Orthopaedics & Neuro surgery.
Team Strengths
Dr. Rajat Chhatterji
M.B.B.S., M.D. (Med), M.D. (Res. Med.), D.N.B. (Res. Med.)
Dr. S. K. S. Puri
M.B.B.S., M.D.